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Integrated Plastics Packaging started business in 1999 and has been in the business of exporting flexible packaging all over the world for the last 2 decades. Making a presence in many parts of the world which includes Asian, African, Europe, Gulf, and North American countries. IPP is continuously aspiring to extend its market presence in new regions.

IPP is strategically located in National Industries Park, which is within a 15-minute radius of both the worlds’ top 10 container port the Jebal Ali Port, and the Dubai World Central airport. From our location, we can reach 2/3rd of the world in less than 8 hours by air!

As it relates to the driving force of “Speed to market”. With our state-of-the-art infrastructure and strategic location, IPP ensures to have the quickest turnaround from order date to the delivery date. For regions where the transit period is typically lengthier, we work closely alongside our clients by offering specialized service programs. Some established service programs: Raw Material Stocking Programs, Vendor Inventory Management (VMI) programs based on rolling forecasts, Warehouse Programs, etc.