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Innovation in Packaging

In recent times, consumers preference is changing at a rate like never before. Therefore, it is vital to understand trends impacting consumers are key to innovative packaging design and innovation Partnership.

We develop distinguished products, services and process to protect your products and the people who rely on them.

Collaborate, innovate, accelerate

Collaborating with the value chain is the way to accelerate packaging innovation.

Only by working together we can advance technologies and develop solutions that can address today’s global packaging challenges.

Our Approach

We are constantly on the lookout for new technologies, new material and new methods that will allow us to provide superior packaging solutions for our customers.

We are always looking at unique solutions to offer our customers. To give them the advantage to leverage their packaging design to attract consumers and provide the technical advantages to ensure their product support the packaging.

At I.P.P we use our knowledge of market and consumer trends, ink and film expertise, along with the latest equipment technology to help our customers achieve their strategic goals.

We turn challenges into opportunities.

Zipper Features

Colorful Zipper

Normal Zipper

Velcro Zipper

Easy Open Zipper

Double Lock Zipper


Double Lock Zipper with Linear Tear Feature

  • 22mm Double Lock Zipper with Sealant Ribs, Low Modulus Resin, Audible and Tactile Functionality, Linear Tear
  • Guarantees the packaging of your product will always be perfectly opened in a straight line.
  • The linear tear hood exposed the zipper to easily open and close.
  • Generous 6mm landing area for tear notch.

Child Safe Zipper

  • 20mm Double Lock Zipper with Sealant Layer, Child Resistant
  • Our solution to attract consumer’s attention while safeguarding children.
  • Constructed to be difficult for children yet simple for elders to open.
  • The ideal closure for products like cannabis, household chemicals, dietary supplements, etc.
  • Has passed Child Resistant Pouch Testing by several convertors (closures alone are not CR certified).

Featured Innovations