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Sustainability is not just a thought at Integrated Plastics Packaging.
For us, it is a belief and a promise.

Giving back to and preserving the environment is embedded in our hearts and belief system deep down. Throughout our business activities and right to the end of our business hierarchy, this belief finds a prominent place. It is a promise to the world we are part of, that we would be conscious of our daily activities and ensure that they would benefit the community and the environment.

have a two-pronged objective:

Minimise the NEGATIVE impacts on the environment due to our activities and operations in the production, marketing and delivery system.

Maximise the POSITIVE impacts on the value chain by engaging in activities that would create an ecosystem that preserves and rebuilds the environment.


Our sustainability approach is built on minimising the negative impacts on the environment and maximising the efforts to conserve the environment through positive impacts on society.

We are aware of making conscious efforts in improving the preservation of the environment through developing environment-friendly innovative avenues of business activities.

We are committed to maintaining the efforts that will leave the least harmful effects on the environment through emissions, wastage and pollution.

We are focused on manufacturing products that leave the least wastage and creative designs that are centred on RENEW, REUSE, RECYCLE and REDUCE.

We are devoted to giving back to the society and protect our environment by emphasising on health, safety, security in a sustainable manner.



Our first focus is on net-zero contamination arising out of our manufacturing process and also on the possible wastage that arises after distribution. This is achieved by us relying on recyclable flexible packaging. This helps us minimise the contamination of the environment during the planning & production process.

Our packaging uses the least energy and resources in production. Such innovative ideas in packaging help in the least throwaways and promote reusable packaging. The less bulky yet most flexible materials used in packaging ensure minimal logistics reducing the carbon footprint. Such recyclable packaging can be reused in subsequent production too.


Reducing the Green House Gas emissions is a primary objective of our sustainability goals. We realise the fatal effects of the increase of GHG emissions on the climate and related climate change that looms large. Our daily business activities indirectly aim to reduce this. This is achieved by reducing the pollution caused not just in the production process but also the logistics cycle.

Achieving more in distribution and sales by using the least energy is key to this. Our unique packaging solutions and delivery process helps to use the least energy yet deliver the best business results.


We are committed to building a circular economy through multiple use of our packaging. This is achieved by manufacturing more recyclable products and solutions. Our product design and manufacturing process are aligned to increase the life cycle of products so that minimal wastage and optimal use of a product is achieved. This helps in promoting the production-use-renew-recycle-reuse-reduce process of a circular value chain economy.


Our responsibilities are not just towards our organisational values and employees. They are towards the stakeholders and society in general too.

Whereas on the one end we are committed to positively impacting the environment with proactive deliverables and minimising the negative impact on the environment by control and quality assurance, on the other end our activities are driven to uplift the society through our core belief systems and daily activities.
These are achieved through:

Production and distribution of products that does not hamper the health and safety of consumers. We try to identify health risk acts that arise from the usage of our products and rethink our design and manufacturing process to bring this risk down.

We attach prime importance to the health and safety of employees at work. Our activities are aligned uniformly to ensure that zero harm occurs during the work. Benefits to employees to augment their health are also part of this responsibility.

Equality at work is a responsibility that is embedded in our talent acquisition, retention and hiring process. We focus on having zero inequality across all levels of work in our organisation. We are an equal opportunity employer.

We take business ethics seriously in our organisation and across all stages of production, distribution and marketing of our products. Our organisational values are aligned with the highest standards of business ethics. From the top management to the last point of distribution in our organisation, all employees are bound by a standard code of conduct.