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Recyclable Packaging

Sustainability packaging has become a significant theme. Flexible packaging applies less of a general effect on nature than most different kinds of packaging, yet a drawback of flexible packaging is that quite a bit of it isn't easily recyclable. What's more, buyers are concerned now like never before about what a packaging end of life ought to be.

Recyclable Packaging

For brands looking for recyclable packaging, we offer recyclable bundling film covers produced using mono-material. Spotless, dry, mono-material pouches can be reused at store drop-off areas found at numerous general stores and markets.

The mono-material gives a win/win/win bargain; nature, buyers, and brands all benefit. This flexible laminate material:

  • Provides recyclability, without greatly affecting the durability or seal-ability.
  • Provides a unique look and feel that eco-cognizant customers perceive.
  • Reinforces the brand image of environmentally friendly brands.

PE flexible packaging can be additionally altered with dampness as well as oxygen hindrances to meet performance prerequisites.

Flexible packaging made with post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials

For brands motivated by flexible packaging made from recycled materials, we offer different choices:

Polyethylene (PE) flexible packaging with recycled process waste.

PE made with recycled process waste does not look any different from a regular PE film. This packaging can be used for secondary grade packaging for any food application.

Source decrease

Source decrease is any practice that diminishes, eliminates, or prevents pollution at its source. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers source decrease the most earth favored practice.

Source decrease is any practice that diminishes, eliminates, or prevents pollution at its source. As indicated by the EPA, light-weighting of packaging is a case of source decrease, and source decrease can:

  • Save natural resources
  • Conserve energy
  • Reduce contamination
  • Reduce the lethality of our waste

Less waste in any case

When contrasted with other packaging designs flexible packaging for the most part:

  • Consumes less energy in manufacturing and transport
  • Weighs less, with a superior product-to-package proportion
  • Generates less ozone harming substance
  • Contributes less to landfill waste

Contrasted with rigid plastic packaging, flexible packaging:

  • Uses roughly 60% less plastic
  • Requires roughly half less energy to deliver
  • Generates less CO2 emanation during production
  • Results in less landfill waste through source decrease
  • Requires less trucks for transportation — diminishing petroleum utilization and CO2 discharges


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