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High Burst Strength Packaging

High-seal strength packaging otherwise called "over-the-mountain" (OTM) packaging, high burst quality laminations keep packaging from blasting as well as collapsing during the transportation procedure, diminishing item waste and cerebral pains.

High Burst Strength Packaging

When does OTM packaging make sense?

Seal trustworthiness and high burst quality are basic for any packages that will be presented to high heights, differing elevations, or low-barometrical weight during the circulation procedure. The gases/air inside the packages that are filled at sea level will inflate when presented to higher heights. For these difficult packaging applications, we use laminations and sealants planned explicitly for withstanding exterior pressure changes.

Our high-seal quality overlays wipe out numerous issues related with burst bundles, including:

  • Wasted item
  • Damaged brand picture
  • Product wellbeing concerns
  • Negative effect on the primary concern

How do we prevent burst or deflated packages?

  • Superior seal quality
  • Improved hermetic seal properties (even with item buildup close to seal zones)
  • Robust materials intended for item uprightness

Also, on the grounds that our high blasted quality covers are lighter in weight than most other adaptable flexible packaging, brands can hope to see manageability advantages and cost savings. This is accomplished with no penances to dampness or oxygen barrier.

Perfect items for OTM covers

  • Popcorn
  • Pretzels
  • Chips
  • Salty or savory snacks
  • Cookies
  • Confectionery items


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