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High-Barrier Packaging

I.P.P can offer high-barrier packaging films to ensure product integrity and extend the shelf life period. For items delicate to oxygen, moisture, as well as light. High-barrier packaging is basic for safeguarding product quality.

High-Barrier Packaging

Oxygen barrier packaging

Introduction to oxygen can influence the shading, flavor, and fragrance of delicate items. Our oxygen barrier packaging uses materials that productively block oxygen transmission and wipe out oxygen inside the bundle to protect item trustworthiness.

Moisture barrier packaging

Numerous items are ultra-sensitive to moisture, for example,

  • Powders, (for example, drink blends and nutritional supplements)
  • Tablets
  • Fizzy liquid items
  • Snack nourishments

Clear high-barrier packaging

With product visibility getting progressively essential to shoppers — particularly in nourishment and refreshment classes — clear high-barrier adaptable packaging offers a few advantages:

  • Provides brilliant oxygen and moisture hindrance properties without giving up item visibility
  • Cost-effective choice to alternate laminate structures
  • Customizable barrier properties and sealant layers
  • Available for both heat seal and cold-seal applications


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