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Over the past decades, we have built a reputation for Quality products, Ethical practices and Trustworthy service giving us access to more consumers and businesses. Critical factors that fuel our ambition to export for growth are risk reduction, balancing growth, increase in Sales volume, mitigation of seasonal demand, professional development of a company, growth in revenue and cultivate new knowledge and experiences.

At INTEGRATED PLASTICS PACKAGING, we have been exporting flexible packaging material since 2001 across Middle-east, Asia, Africa, Europe, Canada and North/South America. We operate in diversified markets with international activity increasing the value of our company as a strategic business source, strengthening the enterprise’s sustainability over the long term.

We are strategically located in National Industries Park in JAFZA, which is situated within a 15-minute radius of the worlds’ top Ports, ie. Jebal Ali Free Zone Sea port and Dubai World Central Air port.

As it relates to the driving force of “SPEED TO MARKET”… with our state-of-the-art infrastructure, capability and strategic location to our advantage, we at I.P.P ensure quickest turnaround from order date to delivery date on time and in full.

For regions where the transit period is typically longer/challenging, we work closely with the U.A.E Government to enable us to offer our Clients specialized Service programs, ie. Free trade certification, shortest sailing routes, advance planning, Raw material stocking (via forecasting), Rolling forecast agreement, Vendor Management Inventory program (V.M.I), reputed clearing/forwarding partners, 3rd party Warehousing, distribution… all of which formulate a strong and strategic Customer alliance.